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Ian Heffernan - Civil Engineers in Arklow, County Wicklow

Land Surveying

Ian Heffernan & Associates offer a full surveying service which includes site surveys for planning applications. This survey will include the location of site boundaries, contours and spot levels of the site, existing septic tanks and bored well locations in relation to the proposed site, existing entrance locations, road width, road edge and grass verge widths, locations of existing dwelling houses in the area and any other significant features that may be required by the local authority.  

Many local authorities will not validate a planning application if a site survey has not been carried out as part of the application and most if not all will request a site survey as part of an additional information request or in extreme cases some applications in exposed areas may be refused due to a site survey not been carried out.

We also offer surveying services for boundary disputes, land registry issues, setting out for construction, as built surveys for local authorities. The price of the survey will depend on the size of the site and the location.