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Ian Heffernan - Civil Engineers in Arklow, County Wicklow

Property Surveys

At Ian Heffernan & Associates we can carry out a survey of any type of property. This can range from clients wishing to buy or sell or just merely inquire about a particular property. Surveys are an all-over health check on a property, which tell you it’s exact current structural state. They are mainly performed when the property is about to be sold, and can often save the buyer money if there are any major structural problems, as a survey can bring about a change in the sale price. They should be performed before any contracts are exchanged on the property. A survey may also sometimes make the buyer decide that they do not want to purchase the property after all. The survey will be performed on all parts of the property which he or she can access, so the state of the floors underneath, carpets etc. will not be monitored. Nor will the water supply or wiring within the house influence the survey report, although their condition will be commented on.

The surveys can be completed in a much more detail if the client prefers, and we provide a comprehensive report about the current condition of the property. This type of survey is the most thorough one available, and each one can take several hours to complete. The survey will examine all accessible parts of the property and, if you wish to have any specific areas looked at, this type of survey is the right choice.

The building survey is suitable for all types of property, whether they are listed, unusual or old, whether you wish to perform renovation work on them or whether the property has already had extensions added to it. The price of the survey will fluctuate according to the type of report, size of the property, its condition, the approximate value of the house and its location. The main details of the building survey will include:

  • All major and minor faults found within the property, and the implications that these will have.
  • How much the repairs for these defects will cost.
  • Investigation into the condition of damp proofing, insulation and drainage, although the drains will not actually be tested.
  • Technical information about how the property was construction, and all materials which were used in the process.
  • Information about the location of the property.
  • Proposals for any further special inspections and subsequent work which may need to be done on the property.