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Ian Heffernan - Civil Engineers in Arklow, County Wicklow

Wastewater Treatment Units

Wastewater treatment

Ian Heffernan & Associates provide a range of wastewater treatment systems to provide clean water for municipal, commercial, industrial and residential markets.


The Puraflo wastewater treatment system is a media biofilter incorporating peat fiber to provide high quality sewage treatment for residential and light commercial developments.


The Platinum wastewater treatment system is ideal for residential use, small communities and small commercial operations. There are a number of sizes available to fit a variety of effluent and population needs.


The Diamond wastewater treatment system is fully tested and certified in accordance with the mandatory European Standard EN 12566-3.

Tertiary Treatment

Tertiary treatment provides a final treatment stage to raise the effluent quality before it is discharged to the receiving environment.

MBBR commercial

The MBBR system is a robust package treatment plant that offers simplicity of design, installation and operation and can be designed for small to large populations.

Nutrient removal

Available on request, Heffernan and associates can design the wastewater treatment plant to incorporate removal nutrients, including Total Nitrogen, Ammonia and Total Phosphorus

Pump stations

All our pumping stations are specifically designed to meet with individual and site requirements, ensuring that a competitive packaged solution is provided every time.

Septic & Holding tanks

Heffernan and associates offers its customers a range of models of high quality, easy to install and maintain sewage tanks and cesspools