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Septic tanks – general


 Ian Heffernan & Associates range of septic tanks for single houses and larger developments are designed and manufactured to the highest standards and are the only septic tank in Ireland with EN 12566-1 Certification.

Septic tanks are available in the spherical (onion) shape as shown on the right or as a low profile, horizontal cylindrical tank.

Ian Heffernan & Associates Septic Tank are constructed from GRP as a singular tank for ease of installation and ongoing operation. All units are made from strong, chemical-resistant watertight Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) and are backed by Ian Heffernan & Associates expert service team.

Deeper inverts are available where required. For ease of installation and depending on site conditions, concrete or granular backfill can be used.

Ian Heffernan & Associates Septic Tanks may also be provided with integral pumping arrangements. This can be a a single pump installation incorporated within the tank itself or additional chambers providing single or twin arrangements as required.


The Ian Heffernan & Associates septic tank advantages for you

  • Minimal visual impact
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight durable design
  • Adaptability of design to client’s requirements
  • Lockable cover
  • Annual desludge
  • The Ian Heffernan & Associates warranty
  • Simple minimal maintenance
  • No moving internal parts
  • Highly eff ective certifi ed product
  • Proven reliability